Then whines away he does not want Yusei so you can die, however, Yusei reassures the newest kid that he won’t

Then whines away he does not want Yusei so you can die, however, Yusei reassures the newest kid that he won’t

World Racing Huge Prix

Throughout the Yusei’s Duel having Aporia, Leo, with the rest of the class, was shown an eyesight for the future, and this actually leaves your in the disbelief, although not concise where the guy gets upon the brand new coming these include performing. Shortly after reading from Sherry LeBlanc you to Yusei will die in the event that he comes into Divine Temple, Leo breaks down into tears, curious when it is worth they to have Yusei so you’re able to chance his life.

Ark Cradle

Leo and the rest of the group go with Yusei into the Divine Forehead. When they is actually divided in to about three teams because of Z-a person’s trickery, Leo travel with Luna and Jack into the center of your own construction clueless you to definitely Aporia might be looking forward to her or him in the next apparatus. They are next forced to the a good step three on step 1 Duel that have Jack and you will Luna along with their existence at stake through products connected to the hearts. Even after his tries to pump up “Purple Dragon Archfiend” and you may manage Luna’s Lives Things, their approach backfires just after Aporia Summons “Meklord Army from Granel” and you will knocks out all of his lovers, ruining Jack’s adept beast. Aporia then declares of the current condition you to Leo could have to keep by yourself against him after the guy finishes their turn. Leo, in his work to protect Luna, seems to Special Summon “Saw Dragon” and you may “Old Fairy Dragon” through “Twice Ripple”, hence fundamentally results in his passing. not, he could be restored due to the effectation of their “Morphtronic Lantron” additionally the stamina of one’s Dark-red Dragon, having the Cardio Draw of your Dragon, and come up with your this new sixth Signer. Finally the guy Synchro Summons “Lifetime Stream Dragon”, which can be in a position to repair Luna’s, Jack’s, and his very own Life Issues due to its perception (its wounds were and healed). When he attacks Aporia in this change, it scratching the only time in the fresh new Duel that Aporia featured become myself affected by getting ruin. It in the long run defeat Aporia through the elimination of Aporia’s most powerful monster’s ATK. Just after meeting with the whole people, they promotion greater for the Divine Forehead lastly look for it is head inhabitant. The team is shocked when Aporia who was simply presumed dead reappears and you can initiates a great Duel having Z-that, aiming to remind your out-of vow. In the event he is able to Summon the 3 “Meklord Emperors”, he’s not good up against Z-an individual’s “Timelords” and ultimately he could be beaten. Realizing the effectiveness of Z-a person’s ple off Jack, Crow and you may Akiza, together with his aunt, Leo provides Yusei their “Power tool Dragon” with his “Lifestyle Load Dragon”, looking to support him within the last battle.

People 5D’s upcoming

About 50 % a year following struggle with Z-that, this new twins discovered a letter from their moms and dads. Inside, it inform them that they must real time along with her, but for you to definitely that occurs, they may need to hop out The newest Domino City. Leo and his awesome brother are unable to determine what to accomplish because they need to stay with the fresh new group. After Jack challenges Yusei so you’re able to a beneficial Duel which he believes, brand new twins and Akiza and you can Crow watch the fresh new Duel. They sooner or later want to go with the moms and dads.

Decades afterwards, Leo possess a great Duel Athlete away from his or her own, he uses to carry their cousin to school. When Crow kept their group on Shingon League in order to issue Jack inside the Drive Expert, he required Leo to their people since their replacement.


Leo and his cousin are known to getting along with her inside the almost all scene of your let you know and get an extremely intimate bond. Regarding the whole tell you, it is generated visible you to in any state of Luna, Leo is one giving her this new fuel to battle straight back. [12] [13] [9] [8] . Luna is a vital person in their lifestyle and then he will include the girl no matter what out of dangers; so you can Luna, Leo is her ‘hero’ and you may she cannot alive as opposed to him. [13] Whilst twins has its pros and cons it like each other dearly and are generally thought the essential valuable person in the latest other’s life. [13] [5] [5]

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