Spending Far too Much on Well Pulls?

The FARR Plunger Cost Savings Calculator

Numerous studies from around the world and here in Kern County over the years have proven that “Farr” plungers and “Farr” pumps are superior to any other product in the oil & gas industry. These studies have shown “Farr” products out last and outperform all other down hole products by a factor of 2.46 to 5.98 times longer than a standard conventional API plunger or pump. For this economic analysis, let’s be conservative and only use a factor of 3 times.

This Cost Savings Calculator can be used to predict the costs saved for a single well or for an entire field.

Please answer these simple questions:

Total Cost Savings for converting well(s) to “Farr” products

Savings of $0 per year

Yes, “Farr” products cost $400 to $500 more initially, but look at the money saved in the long run.

These calculations do not take into consideration the money saved in HEALTH, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL issues. With fewer Well Pulling Rigs, Equipment and Personnel on the lease, the fewer chances you have for spills, accidents or injuries.