THe Best Plunger by FARR

Far Fewer Well Pulls Equal FARR Less Risk

Reduce Downtime / Increase Profits

A longer lifespan is just the beginning. 50+ years of industry experience has allowed us to push performance engineering to a new benchmark. The FARR Plunger outperforms, outruns, and flat out saves you valuable time and hard earned profit. It’s time to push industry inefficiencies aside and use the only plunger that will increase your pump run life by at least 200%.

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The FARR Plunger


Increase in overall pump run life

Increased pump life means increased profits. The FARR Plunger is just that good no matter how sandy the play. Our plunger is uniquely engineered to handle stroke after stroke without locking caused by sand production.


Reduction in Well Pulling Costs

Over the course of a year, using FARR Plungers reduces the amount of Stuck Pump jobs by an average of 12 jobs per month. We will greatly increase your prouduction time while reducing: unneeded downtime, personnel risks, and environmental impact. The FARR Plunger is the superior solution to decreasing your wells OPEX (Operating Expense).


Savings On Yearly Maintenance

Per 100 FARR Plunger Pump installs you save an average of $875,000 a year in well pulling costs and pump repairs or replacement. The savings push past well over $1,000,000 when you add the increase in oil production, by eliminating down time.

The FARR Plunger is Superiorly Engineered to Combat Sand Erosion

The connector, which creates the problems in the conventional plunger, has been moved from the top of the plunger to the bottom of the plunger in the FARR design. This simple change eliminates the gap wedge and funnel which creates the erosion of the conventional plunger. In addition the angle at the top of the plunger has been reversed to force sand inward as opposed to outward in the conventional design.

We have installed equipment in the most difficult fields to operate with amazing results: Montana -Bakken Shale, California - Kern River, Sumatra Indonesia-Duri Steam Flood, Texas - Spindletop, and Pennsylvania- Coal Bed Methane fields.

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We Have Put It to the Test

FARR Plunger vs. the Competition

Longer Lifespan

200% ormore run life than all other plungers

Heat Friendly

500° vscompetitors 360° temp. limitation

Operate Deeper

15K ft. or moreversus avg. standard depth of 9,000 ft.

In-Depth Case Study

Coalinga, CA

Analysis of Coalinga FARR Plunger Data

The purpose of the Study
  • Analyze FARR Plunger performance based on data from the Coalinga field to compare the performance of the FARR Plunger to other plungers used in the same wells.
  • Based on field observations, the FARR was suspected to provide longer runtimes on average and require fewer well pulls than other plungers used in the same wells.
  • Determine if the observations could be supported by quantitative analysis, and if so, see how much longer FARR runtimes were on average.
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Case Study Graph

Analysis of Surviving Pumps vs Run Days

This graph shows how quickly the FARR Plunger pumps distances itself from all others with a much lower early failure rate and much longer run life with an average of 470 days compared to only 217 days with non-FARR pumps. With the longest FARR run time exceeding 1700 days!

At the end of this study 188 FARR Plunger pumps 50% (94) were still running and of the 209 Non-FARR pumps only 11.22% (23) were still running. As more time passes the FARR Plunger pumps will continue to increase its average run life.

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Satisfied Customers

A Collection of Muth Pump Testimonials

“A while ago Spindletop had 2 wells they could not get the rig off of before they would sand up. The Hynes #25 had a ring plunger, we converted it to a FARR Plunger and she’s still pumping!! The Hynes #19 had a PA plunger, we converted it to a FARR Plunger and she’s also still pumping! Metal plungers DID NOT WORK in these wells either. The FARR Plunger kicked !@# in this case.”

Ricky Huey - CDI - Freer Texas

“ Green Country Supply, Inc. in Ratliff City, Oklahoma has a great appreciation and respect for the FARR Plunger. The FARR Plunger has solved the pump problems we have had with flow restriction caused by sand. We have run 12 plungers in the last year without any failures. No sticking of plungers. No grooving of plungers. No packing off of traveling valve due to sand. The unique funnel design of the plunger’s top, allows the sand to fall into the plunger away from the barrel I.D. The FARR Plunger has proved itself in the Pilfield of South Central Oklahoma. These wells are approximately 6,500’ deep. These wells make a lot of gas, give up a lot of sand and are pumped very hard! The pumping unit stroke lengths run from 86” stoke to 168” stroke. The FARR Plunger has performed well in these tough conditions. I, Jamie Griffin would recommend the FARR Plunger to anyone having sand problems down hole.”

Jamie Griffin - Pump Shop Manager - Green Country Supply, Inc.

“To Garold,

The following is a testimonial from Sutton Pump & Supply, Inc. for you to include on your website, etc.

After experiencing sticking problems with conventional plungers in Pennsylvania coal bed methane fields, we switched to the FARR Plunger. We noticed immediate results with moving solids (coal fines) and few stuck pumps followed by longer runs and less expensive repairs.


Kyle A. Williams - President - Sutton Pump & Supply, Inc.


Full Pump Assembly and Repair by Muth Pump

Muth Pump is a supplier of conventional (API type) insert & tubing pumps for the oil and gas industry. We also manufacture and sell state of the art specialty pumps that resolve problems that have plagued the oil and gas industry for more than a hundred years.

Our goal is to build the last pump you will ever need. Muth Pump sells equipment to Oil & Gas customers in markets all over the world. Our current pump operations service Kern County and all of California. We also provide pumps to customers around the world.

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